gscdc promoting Scottish Country Dancing in the Guildford area


Frequently asked questions.


What is Scottish Country Dancing?

Scottish country dancing is not the same as Highland dancing, Reeling , or Ceilidh dancing, although there are similarities between all four.

Groups of couples dances together in sets, usually of eight dancers.  A dance comprises a series of formations, performed with prescribed steps.  We dance reels and jigs, which are fast and lively, and strathspeys, which are slower and more elegant.

Once you have learnt these you can join in with dancers anywhere in the world.

What should I wear?

Loose, comfortable and cool casual clothes.  Women often prefer to wear skirts and, as they get more experienced, many men like to wear kilts to make the most of the movements.

Do I need special shoes?

You will probably find that you want to buy special shoes once you have decided that Scottish Country Dancing is for you.  However, for beginners a soft soled, comfortable shoe will do to start with. See the 'Links' page for details of suppliers.

Do I need a partner?

No.  We all mix together, and change partners for each dance.

Do I need to be very fit?

No.  There are slow dances and fast dances, and you can dance them more, or less, energetically!  You will become more fit as you dance.

Is it difficult?

Anyone can learn, and some do it faster than others.  If you can hear the beat of the music, you can learn to dance.

How do I learn?

In the beginners class you will learn the basic steps and formations, and will be taught simple dances right from the first lesson. 

When can I dance?

Once you have learnt to dance you could do it nearly every day of the week, through most of the year!  You can join more than one club, or go as a visitor, and also go to social events which range from informal dances through to a ball with dinner and live band.  Select the ‘Diary ‘ button on the left to see our current programme.

How much does it cost?

Club night is £2 for members and £3 for visitors.  


gscdc promoting Scottish Country Dancing in the Guildford area